Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I hate the Family Circus

Look at what a terrible house-designer I would be! I mean architect!
But man, I just saw some awesome wallpaper here (linked from BoingBoing). Checkerout.


David Gale said...
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David Gale said...

Yah wasn't the Family Circus the worst? The punchline was always the kid saying "pasgetti."

What you've made reference to here were the only cool ones. I can remember actually getting kind of excited when they'd run one.

Also you've reminded me of the house plans they used to put in the Herald (or was it the weekender?). I would learn all the symbols and draw my own. Thanks for the double shot of nostalgia.

Also I love the bath mats. They look like micro organisms.

Alsoooo, do you know how to edit a comment without having to delete it?

Jennifer B. said...

Hey thanks Dave! These were the only ones I really liked too.
As a kid I used to "design" my own house and I would always have a pool and a games room, haha. Perhaps someday I'll be living the dream. Or maybe I should go back to the seventies.

I did a search and you can't actually edit comments, you have to just delete and then re-comment. I didn't know that, that's weird.