Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The entrepreneurial spirit

Lemme start out by saying there are too many t-shirts on the internet that I want to buy and it's not fair. And books and computers and iPods, but I'll stop right there because I'm not rich and you probably aren't either, so I won't even ask you for a dime. At least we have access to computers and can look at all the stuff for free, right? Except for whatever you have to pay for the internet service. Unless you're at work and surf for free when you're supposed to be filling in spreadsheets or making photocopies or whatever. I had a summer job once where I actually did have to fill in spreadsheets. One day, they put me in an empty office with a shredder and I had to shred about five garbage bags full of documents. Now that I think on it, that's a bit shifty. That was a pretty cruddy job, but not the worst!

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Chris said...

For the record, if you ever do make t-shirts I would totally buy that one in that comic.