Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Slide, Sled, Slod

Once I was talking to this girl from NY about sliding, and she said, what, we call it sledding. Not really an interesting conversation, but I thought it was kinda funny.
Also, the Slip 'N' Slide is something I always wanted to try as a kid and never had the chance. I can still remember the song from the TV commercial. As an adult, it seems to me to be the most dangerous and painful looking activity that children participate in. Do they still sell those death mats?

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David Gale said...

We had an imitation Slip and Slide. It was called, and I'm not making this up, The Wet Banana!

Anyways, yah those things were death-traps. I can still remember the little rivers of blood running down my sister's friend's legs after she wet banana'd over some rocks or something.